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Tour to Xplor

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Ready for the world’s most visited zip-line park? This Playa Del Carmen waterpark not only has 14 zip-lines, but you will raft in clear waters, swim through a stalactite river, spelunk down to underground caverns and crank up the adrenaline as you drive an amphibious 4x4 vehicle. If you are looking for an amazing combination of high-octane thrills, this just might be the ticket for you. Full buffet, unlimited snacks, smoothies and non-alcoholic drinks included as well.

Hop onto a side-by-side amphibious vehicle to cross over hanging bridges, through caves and splash into flooded caverns. You can take two different circuits that are over 3 miles each. If you still have a need for speed hop onto the highest zip-line in the Riviera Maya. There are two circuits of zip-lines, each with seven lines including one zip-line where you’ll ride in a hammock as you splash down into a freshwater cenote. Keep it cool as you head underground with a stalactite cavern swim where you can observe the natural wonders of the Yucatan underworld. You’ll then be able to choose a one-person or two-person raft to paddle about an amazing underground river that meanders over 600 yards.

All of this will likely ratchet up the appetite and we think you’ll love the food. Enjoy an all you can eat buffet that includes fruit smoothies too! Note that alcohol is not offered as driving amphibious vehicles and booze don’t safely jive together. The Tour to Xplor includes round trip transportation from your hotel in the Riviera Maya or Cancun area so you can arrive in Playa Del Carmen with ease and relax after a fun day of adventure.

TRANSPORTATION: Is included for all hotels within Cancun, Costa Mujeres, Playa Del Carmen, Riviera Maya and Tulum. Vacation homes can be accomodated. Exact pickup times will be determined based on your location and generally occur in the 6:45 AM - 9:00 AM timeframe.

CANCELLATION: Please note this tour offers free cancellation up to 48-hours in advance.

What's Included

Two circuits with seven zip-lines each (2.4 mi total distance), which include the tallest in Riviera Maya. Amphibious vehicle to drive through the jungle and flooded caves. New activity: Underground Expedition. 800 yards of a fun cavernous adventure. Paddling with special hand paddles along an underground river. Stalactite River Swim inside ancient caves. Hammock Splash. Spelunking hike. Unlimited snacks and non-alcoholic beverages (oatmeal cookies, fruit, smoothies, and flavored fresh waters). Buffet lunch. Locker for two. Rest areas, dressing rooms and restrooms. Other services (WiFi, ATM and shops). Free parking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Xplor and Xcaret?
Xplor is focused on high-adrenaline activities like zip-lines, exploring caves and driving amphibeous vehicles. Xcaret has many more animals, snorkeling and cultural experiences. Both let you enjoy beautiful aspects of the Riviera Maya and refresh in cool, clear, beautiful waters.
Where is Xplor located?
Xplor is in Playa Del Carmen Mexico, about 42 miles south of Cancun.
What is the minimum age for Xplor?
5 years and older. Kids 5-11 are ~50% off admissions

Quick Facts


6h 00min

The minimum age for participants is 5 years old.



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