The Top 16 Cenotes Tours in Tulum

Tulum is well known for it's bohemian flare and incredible natural beauty. Yet inland from the gorgeous Mexico coastline lies hundreds of natural cenotes. These freshwater sinkholes hold mystical significance for the Mayans as portals to the underworld.

We've packaged our favorite activities like visiting Mayan Ruins and Cenotes in the same tour or swimming with Turtles before venturing to explore a beautiful mayan cenote. You can even rent your own private cenote for a group gathering!

Today, people come from around the world to visit the best Tulum cenotes. Many allow you to explore underground rivers or jump from cliffs into the refreshing clear water. Our best cenote tours in Tulum will take you to one or more of these magical cenotes so you can experience the wonder yourself. Perhaps a cenote dip after heating up in a Tulum Temazcal Ceremony?

Some Tulum cenote tours are relaxed and allow for leisurely swims and exploration while others involve full on adventures! Choose your level of adventure AND relaxation.

16 Activities

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